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We've Got a New Batch of Hotcakes 1.8.7 Just For You

Hotcakes Commerce is for everyone!

We're very hard working on version 1.9.0 for you right now, but there were some annoying little things that we thought would be good to get fixed for you right away.  So we put on our aprons and got to work.  The focus of this release was quite simple: minor enhancements to address issues with PayPal and order/inventory management.  We hope you like these updates.  If you're using our inventory features, we're certain that you will.

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As always, please test your upgrades on a development version of your site first. Be sure to back-up prior to upgrade, and merge anynoted viewset changes as desired. We are not responsible for any Hotcakes that get spilled on the floor.

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You can always download the latest Hotcakes release andother related downloads from our download page.


  • None in this release

Bug Fixes

  • 18764 - SI: PayPal Pro always charges USD
  • 18859 - PI:CI: Delete order doesn't replenish inventory in some cases
  • 18525 - Prompt for refunds when deleting orders using Cash on Delivery
  • 18527 - Canceled Orders don’t appear in the Order Manager
  • 18526 - Delete item from order doesn’t adjust inventory when using Cash on Delivery
  • 18909 - Inventory doesn’t replenish if delete order with 2 inventoried products
  • 18908 - Inventory partially replenishes if delete order with 2 inventoried products

Viewset Changes

This release doesn't have any viewset changes, but you should always perform a comparison of your viewset to the default viewset anyway to ensure that you have any desired updates from prior releases.

In the very least, you should always review the Cart, Checkout, CSS, and JavaScript updates when there are any. These are areas that can directly affect how well your store is performing.

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