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We are excited to bring you the Social Spokes demo site which is showcasing the unique features of Hotcakes Commerce and Hotcakes Social. Social Spokes was built to be a one of a kind shopping experience for the customer. The community section is full of engaging conversation from cyclists who want to connect with people who share the same interests they do. You can join conversations about Cervelo bikes or the dangers of biking in New York City or start a new conversation about a topic that hasn’t been mentioned yet. Do you have a question about a product in the Social Spokes store? Go ahead and “Ask the Trainer” or your fellow cyclists. When you join Social Spokes and start having conversations you will begin earning badges that will show other members of the community how involved you are. Don’t forget to drop by the “Ideas” section and share the components that would make up your dream bike for your chance to win our “It Starts with a Spoke” contest.  

While navigating the Social Spokes store you will come across customer reviews on some of our products. In a previous blog post we discussed the importance of customer reviews on e-commerce sites and their ability to increase sales by up to 18%. Because of this, consumer reviews are a necessary feature for e-commerce stores. If you are familiar with a product on the Social Spokes site we encourage you to add a review. Reviews are not only a way to turn an unsure shopper into a confident buyer; reviews are also great at increasing organic traffic to your site.

To demonstrate some of the modern marketing features Hotcakes offers we added a Free Shipping promo code to the site. Promo codes can help increase sales by offering up a limited time offer to your fans. Shipping bikes and cycling gear can be costly since the products are large and possibly heavy so Social Spokes is offering free shipping when customers use promo code FREESHIP2013.   

Once you fill up your cart and submit your purchase you will earn rewards for your next purchase. Adding loyalty or reward programs to your site like reviews can increase sales. Hotcakes Commerce makes it easy to implement this program into your e-commerce site in just a few simple steps.     

Social Spokes gives you a front row seat to the amazing features of Hotcakes Commerce as viewed by the end user – your customer. Once you have taken all of Social Spokes in visit us in our Hotcakes Commerce Community Section and let us know what you thought. We would love your feedback.

***We built Social Spokes using inventory supplied by  

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