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Want to build Customer Engagement? The secret is in the syrup! -- A recap of our session at DNNCon.

We recently attended DNNCon in Palm Beach, FL where several members of our team introduced Hotcakes Commerce to the DNN Community. One of the sessions that we hosted was about Gamification in E-Commerce and how it can increase customer engagement. Here is a recap along with slides.

What does Gamification mean? Gamification is used by a lot of online businesses to increase customer engagement through games and competition. Gamification is one of the features offered to Hotcakes Commerce customers through Evoq Social. 

We spent a lot of time discussing where we see Gamification and to a lot of attendees it was a real shock that most brands are involved in some way. Even if it doesn't feel like a game, loyalty cards and discount cards are technically a form of gamification.


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