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T-WORX Shows their Mobile Roots and Raves About Design Flexibility

Hotcakes Commerce Partner: T-WORX

Tracy Wittenkeller leads one of our partner company’s named T-WORX, based in Boca Raton, Florida.  If his name sounds familiar, it might be because he’s literally written the book on theming platforms a few times.  T-WORX has been around for more than a decade helping businesses design and implement their websites.  When Tracy was brainstorming the name of his company, his wife happened to name it for him, almost by accident.  When he was trying to use his initials in a creative way, his wife said, “Tracy works for you,” and T-WORX was born.  Since then, Tracy and his team have built a reputation for building beautiful websites for their clients, on several platforms, including Hotcakes Commerce. 

Most people don’t realize it, but the IBM personal computer was invented in the same city that T-WORX calls home.  It would seem that this same kind of determination for success has rubbed off  T-WORX itself, as the team loves to tackle new challenges.  When Tracy isn’t trying to beat his personal records on the basketball courts, he’s trying to help clients all over the world take their business to the next level.

T-WORX makes it a habit of doing everything they can to keep their clients happy, Tracy sums it up as, “Because they like our creativity, we deliver on time, and basically, because we do what we say we’re going to do.”  His passion is to always look for the win-win scenarios and deliver great work.  This is the culture that the company follows.

We spoke a lot about e-commerce of course, and analytics seemed to be a core part of how T-WORX and its clients rate success.  “There’s more of a focus on analytics for sure,” says Tracy, “Most of our e-commerce customers use the data they get back from Google Analytics to make their business decisions - whether it’s to focus on promoting one product over another or to create new products and campaigns.”  They use this information to generate their own insights that helps their clients make marketing decisions.  In fact, this was a key thing that Tracy was excited about when it came to Hotcakes version 2.0, “The more key analytics, the better!”

Tracy Wittenkeller, CEO, T-WORX“Let’s face it - most people have their mobile phone within arms-reach 24-hours a day. So to reach customers, more and more marketers are realizing that they have to think mobile first.”

Tracy Wittenkeller

Tracy has been focusing on mobile for many years now.  His team not only delivers mobile-first experiences to clients, but Tracy himself has spoken at conferences on a number of occasions about the impact mobile is having on the web industry, and has even had his own mobile platform-based magazine and mobile interview series with other ecosystem vendors and clients.  Needless to say, T-WORX realizes better than most how important mobile is when it comes to e-commerce.

Mobile and analytics are only part of the story of why T-WORX has chosen to partner with Hotcakes Commerce.  Since one of their core strengths is design, they absolutely love the power that Hotcakes Commerce gives them when it comes to the design of client sites.  Tracy tells us, “As front-end designers/developers, we like the flexibility to pretty much style it any way we want.”  He also sees that that future of e-commerce is trending towards solutions like Hotcakes having a fully-integrated funnel marketing solution experience.  We’ve see this too, and time will definitely begin to tell us the full story soon.

What I learned from Tracy in this interview is that if you want a great partner that cares about sales and marketing results while also providing a beautiful website, you should contact T-WORX.

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