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Six Marketing Tips for your E-Commerce site


As the owner of a web based business you might be feeling lost when it comes to announcing your business to the public. Traditional brick and mortar stores can promote their business by having a Grand Opening part or ribbon cutting ceremonies and invite the local community to stop by, but e-commerce businesses don’t have that advantage. Don’t feel lost! Generating traffic to your e-commerce site is not difficult if you follow a few tips.

Send a Press Release

One of the fastest ways to spread word about your store, and products or services, is by sending a press release.  Your press release can be sent out to nationally and with a focus on industry which will help your business get the news of your business to the right customers.

Join Social Networking Sites

Social sites like Facebook or Twitter may help bring awareness to your brand through simple conversation.  Join conversations about products similar to the ones your business offers. You might even want to consider creating a blog to keep your site’s content fresh. 

Create a Newsletter

Newsletter and email marketing is key to keeping your customers up to date on your business.  Make sure your newsletter includes content that is genuine but also relevant to your brand. 

Create Your Own Online Commercial

You don’t have to pay a production company or actors to create a commercial.  Get creative with your team, your products, or even your location and create short videos using apps like Vine or Instagram. 

Offer an Affiliate Program

A very popular and effective way for online retailers to gain new business is through Affiliate Marketing. Retailers pay one or more affiliates for each sale or customer gained as a direct result of affiliate marketing efforts. Retailers are able to manage their affiliate marketing through the Hotcakes Commerce admin panel.  Provide your affiliate with banners and links that track their conversions. 

Give Something AwAY

If your brand is the new kid on the block it might be hard to get consumers to choose your product over one that is tried and true. Giveaways are a great way to generate interest in your brand and get the public to start talking about it.  Offer up a popular blogger who writes about products in your field a freebie for them and one to give to their audience.


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