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Qualities of an effective Community Manager

Creating a Community on your e-commerce site will help increase your brand development. A Community Manager should have a particular set of skills that will help build your brand and maintain conversation within your site. Here are a few of the:

Strong Communication Skills

A Community Manager needs to be able to effectively communicate a message to the audience. Short form or long form, you have to be able to write. This can be blog posts, articles emails, press releases, or even social content – you have to be able to craft ideas and messages to fit all medius.

Organizational Skills

Since most Community Managers will be managing multiple platforms, tracking feedback and sharing this information with employers, this work must remain organized or important items will be lost.


The Community Manager will become the face of the brand in many cases. As the voice and face of the company they must have a strong passion and love for the brand they represent.

Community Managers are responsible for so many aspects of the business. It is important for this person to truly care about the brands success and the engagement of the followers. 

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