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Now You Don't Have to Manage Your Taxes

Hotcakes Commerce is a certified Avalara Partner!

Well, wouldn't that be nice?  We'd all love to not pay taxes, but in the very least not have to worry about them.  We know that pain the same as anyone else.  As it turns out, so do the folks at Avalara.  Avalara's Avatax has become a staple amongst many e-tailers over the past few years and for good reason.

If you haven't heard of Avalara, they provide a large number of applications that are all focused on making your life easier.  If you spend even a few minutes on your favorite search engine, you'll find that their clients are raving about this very thing.  One of the most "taxing" things about managing any business is keeping your finances in order and Avalara's Avatax product removes most of that burden - as it relates to taxes.

Avatax is a cloud based service that always contains the latest tax codes and rules.  If you've ever manually created a tax schedule for a region, you know just how difficult this could be for just once - but they keep this information up to date on a daily basis.  Once you subscribe to their service, you get to enjoy this daily update without lifting a finger!

That's not even the best part...  They aggregate all of the reporting for you so that your tax season is that much easier!

What Does This Mean to Me?

As a Hotcakes Customer, you may have noticed that we've had Avatax integrated for a while.  However, we hadn't yet gone through the certification process to have the Avalara team look at the features and verify that our team has integrated everything to their standards.  Not only have we done that, but Hotcakes Commerce has been certified as a partner.

Hotcakes Commerce is a Certified Avalara Avatax Partner

This means that you and your organization can trust Hotcakes even more than you already do.  Our talented team has done a phenomenal job at ensuring only the highest quality features make it to you, and now your taxes are certified to be safe as well.

All you have to do in order to take advantage of this amazing service is sign-up on the Avalara site, and then enter the Avatax configuration information into your Hotcakes store.  It's as simple as that!  (Well, they have a configuration too...)

How Does it Work?

Once you've done the sign-up and configuration from above, Hotcakes does the rest of the work for you and your customers.  You and your customers won't have to do anything different.

The customer adds products to their cart like they always do.  They go to the checkout area and enter their shipping address.  Once they do, we send that information to Avalara and they respond with the correct taxes.  Upon a successful checkout, we synchronize that information with Avatax and your order management.  Done!

What if your customer calls and decides that they need to cancel or change their order?  Easy...  We got you covered there too.  Any changes you make to the order will not only make it back to Avatax, but they'll also be synchronized based upon the date that the purchases are made.  This is a massive feature...  If you don't know, there are regions where tax rules can literally change on a weekly or daily basis!

Special Discount!

We hope you enjoy this feature.  While most of it is already in the Hotcakes you're currently enjoying, you'll get the rest of this delicious feature in a couple of weeks - including address verification!

If you haven't already put Hotcakes into your shopping cart to bring it home to the corporate family, you are in luck.  We wanted to celebrate this milestone with you... 

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