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New Years Resolutions for an E-Commerce Business


As the New Year approaches many of us will be making a list of personal goals and resolutions in 2014. We might resolve to work out more or to eat better but those goals are for our personal health and wellness, not our businesses. There is no better time to set goals for our business then the beginning of a new year so when you sit down to reflect on what you would love 2014 to bring you personally, don't forget to include your business goals as well. 

Here are some suggestions:

1. Get Closer to Your Customers

We talk often about the importance of building a Community for your business through genuine engagement. In 2014, we hope that you focus on building a Community around your brand with a genuine voice and a deep understanding of who your customers are and what they want from your brand.

2. Revamp Social Media Strategy

We saw an increase in visual-based social networks like Vine, Snapchat & Instagram video proving that images and short videos are the future. As a business owner it is more necessary than ever to create visual striking content. 

3. Be in-the-know when it comes to SEO

In late 2013, Google began blocking keyword referral data in Google Analytics. Before the change you were able to see which keywords users entered to bring them to your site and how many visitors came from each keyword. Google's position on this change is that they are "protecting" the consumer. Even though this data is being provided to marketers using GA, Google is still collecting it. In order to retrieve this data marketers will look for creative ways to retrieve it. After all, knowing how visitors are searching helps determine change in marketing strategies and overall usage of a website. Staying in the know when it comes to SEO in 2014 is crucial to your success.


Do you have any business resolutions for 2014 that you would be willing to share with us? Post them in the comments, we would love to hear them...


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