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mintblau media Exercises Their Superpowers to Help Their Clients Grow

mintblau media

If you’re anywhere near Germany and need an e-commerce website, our partners mintblau media are there to help.  They’re based just over the border from Belgium and Netherlands in Aachen.  You may have heard of Aachen since it’s home of the popular RWTH Aachen University, but you may not realize that it’s also where the coronation would be held for German kings.  Royalty has always been associated with strength and power, and this kind of inspiration seems to have inspired the folks at mintblau.  You’ll find some subtle and not-so-subtle hints at their superpowers pretty much everywhere on their website.

mintBlau media’s name has it’s roots in several areas.  The “media” portion should be obvious – they provide media-related services.  The “mintblau” portion of their name is much more interesting.  On the surface, it would appear that the name simply refers the combination of the colors mint and blue, and you would be correct.  However, the “mint” portion has dual meanings.  First, it refers to Mobile INTernet.  Then, it also refers to another acronym that’s unique to Germany: Mathematik, Informatik, Naturwissenschaft, and Technik.  These are the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  I don’t about you, but I think they did an amazing job of naming their company.

When the mintblau team isn’t going to conventions, firing up some BBQ, or going to the movies, they’re hard at work solving problems for their clients.  They’re very passionate about CMS and design, but they also love e-commerce.  Patrice Gallion, one of the founders and managing director took some time away from his personal joys of snowboarding and film editing to speak to us.  When it comes to e-commerce, he says, “It is the most exciting thing when you have built a great online storefront, created your online marketing strategy and then watch sales coming in. The great thing is that you are never really done. There is always options for optimization and improvement.”

Patrice and his team do everything they can to build lasting relationships with their clients.  Some of their methods include helping break common misconceptions, and helping to better understand commonly misunderstood or forgotten parts of web projects.  They also help their clients navigate through expectations, such as a store generating sales all by itself.  They help their clients deal with the very real complications of providing support and fulfillment.  All of these things combined result in a more complete experience for their clients, but they also end up with a much larger chance of success.

Patrice GallionE-Commerce needs to replicate what is great about going downtown or into a mall. People want stories, relationships and excitement. This is where there is still a lot of room to expand for most companies when selling online.
Patrice Gallion
Managing Director, mintblau media

Patrice acknowledges the importance of being mobile-friendly with e-commerce sites too, noting, “There has been a drastic gain in visits and checkouts from mobile devices. Most are now at almost 50%.”  This is only one of the many reasons mintblau media chose to partner with Hotcakes Commerce.  Not only does our solution come with mobile-friendly experiences out-of-the-box, but he also noted that our native CMS capabilities.  When I asked him about version 2.0, he was most excited about the potential that the dashboard and analytics have for their clients.

During the interview, we learned so many cool, fun, and exciting things about mintblau media.  We couldn’t include everything in this single article though.  If you’re in the market for a new or updated e-commerce website, you should give them a call.  Their team is a fun-loving group of people that are highly focused on ensuring that your site exceeds its goals, and they love doing it too.  In Patrice’s own words, “It does not feel like work (most of the time).”

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