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Localization + Affiliate Marketing + Windows Azure, Oh my! Version 1.3.0 is ready to Download!

We are always working hard here at Hotcakes Commerce to make our amazing platform even more incredible. There is always room for improvement and we know this which is why we work hard to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to open source e-commerce technology. 

Yesterday at the monthly Queen City DNN User Group meeting Pete Goode tweeted "Does Steve Jobs work for Hotcakes?" That really struck a chord with some of us and made us feel very proud of the product we have created. 

With all of that in mind, we wanted to let you know that there is a new version of Hotcakes Commerce available in the Download section of our site and it is full of amazing new features and improvements.

In the newest version you can look forward to the following improvements/additions:

  • Compatible with Windows Azure
  • Store Content is now localizable. Store language and translation choice isbased on the languages specified in DNN. Tools are provided to manage the localized content.
  • Bundled Products are now supported and managedby the admin interface, and can be purchased via the store. Inventory is managed and checked for eachproduct in a bundle. Variants ofproducts is also supported.
  • Affiliation tools have been completelyrewritten. There is a full affiliationmanagement tool in the admin website. Affiliates can now register for an account. From the admin website you can approveaffiliates, view a comprehensive report that shows orders placed, sales, commission owed and paid, and the number of signups for any affiliate. Registered and approved affiliates can viewthe own report data.
  • New Affiliate promotion type where affiliatescan be rewarded with reward points for referrals.
  • Image resizing – the image resizing tools havebeen updated and create a better quality resized image.
  • Hotcakes Friendly URL Provider now supports DNNv7.2.1.

We also fixed some bugs that we think our worth mentioning as well. They include:

  • Fixed a bug when purchasing both a membershipand standard type product.
  • Fixed a bug with the search when the searchstring included special characters
  • Sort by settings fixed for the Category Viewermodule
  • Fixed a bug with the product import
  • Reward points can now be redeemed when loggingin during checkout
  • Fixed a bug with the administrator rolequalification for promotions
  • Fixed a bug with order item in a categoryqualification for promotions
  • Fixed a bug with allow zero value orders whenpromotions have been applied
  • Vendor email is generated and sent correctly
  • Order confirmation pop-up has been temporarilyremoved due to issues with older browsers. Issue will be resolved in a future release.
  • Shipping methods can be added when using thesetup wizard
  • Fixed a token issue with the VAT Invoice emailtemplate
  • Fixed the editing issue with the VAT Invoiceemail template
  • Store logo now renders in store emails
  • Fixed a token issue with the Admin Order report
  • Username is now displayed in forgotten passwordemails
  • Fixed a bug with the expiration date for amembership type product

To support the new improvements and bug fixes we have made anumber of changes to the files that are related to the default views.

If you are upgrading from v1.2.7 and you have created somecustom view sets, then you will need to update your files with thesemodifications.

The files that have been modified are located in the HotcakesViews\_default folder.

New folders and files that you must add to your customviewsets:

Apply the changes between thesetwo versions to your custom view set files.

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