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Join us in welcoming Will Strohl to the team as Hotcakes Director of Product Management

Hotcakes Commerce, like most products, was created because agroup of people saw a need and decided to pour their heart and souls into filling that need. That group of people were DNN developers and in the endtheir heart and souls resulted in a full-feature e-commerce platform theynamed, Hotcakes. In May, those same developers introduced Hotcakes Commerce to the world at the Internet Retailers Conference and Exhibition in Chicago, ILand since then the product has been welcomed to the DNN Community with openarms and high fives.

We continue to improve Hotcakes based on Community feedbackand because of the Community’s dedication to the product, each release makesthe product better than the last. There are many stages to the product lifecycle and we are very lucky to have just an incredible product that isstill technically in its early years. But we know that we can’t continue to develop and grow Hotcakes without a little help. With this in mind, we are veryfortunate to welcome Will Strohl to the Hotcakes Commerce team. Yeah, THE WillStrohl.

Will brings over 12 years of tech experience includingproduct management, sales & training and most importantly a deepunderstanding of DNN. We believe that Will’s experience and dedication to hiswork will be instrumental in our efforts to scale and enhance Hotcakes Commercefor our current and future clients. Among other tasks, Will’s focus will beleading the direction of the product, designing the systems implementer’sexperience, and driving adoption through webinars and Community events.

As a key member in the DNN Community, Will has helped unitethe Community by creating user groups and Community run events such as DNNConwhich took place this past October here in West Palm Beach.

Commenting on his move to Hotcakes Commerce, Will says:

“Hotcakes Commerce has assembled an incredibly talented teamcommitted to a powerful mission. I can’t wait to continue the build out of aworld-class product experience that is breaking boundaries in the e-commercespace. I am eager to get started and am very proud to be a part of the Hotcakesproduct at this formative moment.”

In the coming months we will be focusing on taking HotcakesCommerce to the next level and we are proud to have Will by our side. We lookforward to the months ahead.

Keep up with Will on twitter @willstrohl.

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