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Hotcakes Hangout - September 2015 - Introduction nvisionative and open source integration

David Poindexter, GeekEO, nvisionative

Today we had our very first "hangout," where we used Google Hangouts to have a live broadcast to all of you.  We didn't really advertise it much, because we wanted to see what kind of kinks we might run into.  It went really well though, and we were able to have a great chat with one of our partners, nvisionative.  David Poindexter is their self-proclaimed GeekEO.  

During the interview, we find out why David and his team have chosen to standardize on Hotcakes.  He walks us through the pains that nearly led them to never again doing e-commerce, until they found Hotcakes.  He also does a great job of giving you a better idea of what to expect when working with them for your own project.

We then closed the interview by doing a quick demo with their latest open source project, called HotcakesCartItemCount.  It's a useful tool for your own toolbox, to help display the current count of items in your shopping cart, that you can add to your own Hotcakes site.  The best part is, that since it's open source, you can modify it to fit your needs - or help them keep it updated.

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