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Hotcakes Commerce Version 1.5 is Ready to Download!

We are excited to announce the newest version of Hotcakes Commerce! The latest release includes major improvements as well as bug fixes. Download it here

Want to suggest a feature or enhancement for future releases? We love hearing the Community suggestions. In fact, this release contains several of them! Let us know what you would like to see here.


  • 8980 –Product Grid Module – Add option to select a view to the module settings:
    • Allow for the specification of views to displaythe output of the product grid module. This allows the user to customize how the products are displayed by themodule.
  • 10751 –Role Based Products
    • The functionality allows a merchant to specifyone or more products to only be available to specific groups of visitors on asite. The enables the merchant to target specific customers, vendors, partners, and others differently.
  • 11045 –Allow Purchase of License
    • Enhancement made to the presentation for licensepurchase
  • 11824 –Avalara – Refactor refunds (returns) to properly reflect taxation
    • Implemented functionality to provide data to theAvalara control panel for partial or full refunds.
  • 11969 –Add ability to change the quantity of products in the cart
    • Users are now allowed to update products fromwithin the cart with a specific quantity amount.
  • 11970 –Consolidate HCC Standard & HCC Social
    • Hotcakes Standard and Social are now a singleedition utilizing the same code base
  • 12114 –Excel Order Export: List customer details in separate columns
    • The excel order export now allows users to showeach piece of customer contact information within its own column
  • 12159 –Make sure USPS observes dimensions and weight when choosing packaging
  • 12184 – Removedability to bundles a product into itself
    • Removing this functionality alleviates potentialstack overflow errors.

Bug Fixes

  • 7162 –Automatically set the quantity to minimal quantity available
  • 7248 –Handling Fee Amount hint is missing
  • 8211 –Rename “Add (Remove) Sample Products” to “Add (Remove) Sample Products andCategories”
  • 8380 –Changing country on Setup Wizard page clears the selected Logo Path
  • 10707 –Scrolling is missed on UPS shipping method page on the Setup Wizard
  • 10982 –Additional Images edit page are missing filenames
  • 11798 –Localization: cloning of product works incorrectly in multi-language setup
  • 11804 –Localized default value of text product type property cannot be viewed on Edit Product page
  • 11870 –Cannot Remove US options from Shipping Zones
  • 11966 – UpgradedHCC sites with imported products can have broken category views
  • 12051 –Order payment status is not updated after order items quantity was changed byadministrator
  • 12052 –Customer code submitted to Avalara can use different properties
  • 12062 –Check for and prevent exception when no product images exist
  • 12082 –Different number of fields for entering address in user’s Address Book on adminand on store
  • 12138 –Ogone Payment Gateway: Not possible to place order in case order number is>=1000
  • 12182 –After removing all sample products button “Remove Sample Products andCategories” is still displayed
  • 12197 –Cannot add more than 22 OptionItems to an Option
  • 12205 –Volume Discounts Not Properly Calculated with Multiple Conditions
  • 12218 –Avalara: Shipping Tax Item have to be equal to Shipping Method Name
  • 12219 –Discount is not sent to Avalara
  • 12222 –My Orders Doesn’t Show Downloadable Files
  • 12224 –Incorrect Shipping Address for Non-Shipping Product
  • 12241 –Unable to select any choice of bundled product when bundle is added on Admin
  • 12283 –Html options doesn’t work correctly after localization changes
  • 12288 –Inactive products can still be viewed and added to the cart
  • 12349 –Error occurs when viewing uploaded file
  • 12357 –Possible to upload multiple files to product though it is not allowed
  • 12456 –Choice file upload does not allow change uploaded file
  • 12458 –Export/Import change upload file choice to dropdown choice

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