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Hotcakes Commerce Version 1.4 is ready to Download

Thenewest version of Hotcakes Commerce is available to Download. Wehave made a lot of improvements and fixed a few bugs. Let us know what youthink of our newest version in the Community!

Want to suggest a feature or enhancement for future releases? We love hearing theCommunity suggestions. In fact, this release contains several of them! Let us know what you would like to see here!


  • Filterproducts by category in a drill-down fashion. The user now has the ability to drill down to find a subset of one or many categories in order to find theproducts desired. This is like what Amazon does, but better!
  • Enhancedthe user experience for notifications while using coupons. The store now informs the customer when a coupon cannot be used intheir cart.
  • AddGetProductTypeProperty to the ProductPageViewModel. The functionality allows acustomer to request and display specific product type properties and therespective values to be displayed in a meaningful way on the product detailspage.
  • AddDescription to the Category Menu Item View Model. The view model now includes thecategory description for designers that are creating custom views.
  • Hotcakesis now able to localize countries and regions. Through the admin UI the user canedit, delete, and add countries and regions. The admin UI enables the abilityto translate countries and regions into other languages. The frontend UI willthen display the countries and regions in the correct language.
  • Product properties text can now be localized. Product type properties can now be created as either alocalizable or not localizable property. Clients will now have the ability bothlocalizable and not localizable properties bind to their products.
  • Improveduser experience while using the Wizard. This enhancement standardizes the Wizard so that everycheckbox and radio button should have its associated label clickable to select the respective radio button or checkbox.
  • Enhancementsfor postal/zip codes to support globalization. Non-US stores now have an improved userexperience for their customers when using postal codes.
  • Fixedpostback for UPS shipping registration form. States in the UPS registration now match thecountry selected.
  • ModuleSupport for Internet Explorer 8. Your customers will no longer experience any issueschecking out in Internet Explorer 8.


  • UPSShipping Method – Suggested Retail Rate
  • Productscan now be updated via the REST API
  • Shippingaddress book is now displayed when user logins in on checkout page
  • Remediatedtax exempt numbers for orders are populating multiple tax exemption fields
  • CategoryViewer Module – Changing and Saving the Settings
  • Enabledthe ability to save changes without having to save the Product Details Page
  • Siteperforms as expected when adding the Hotcakes Module to a page if the Hotcakessetup (Wizard) is not complete
  • Disabledthe use of special symbols as the affiliate id or a part of the affiliate id
  • Usersare now able to use Hotcakes when installed under a virtual directory
  • Usersare now able to alter the price for user supplied price products from withinthe store admin
  • IE8Validation added for shipping and billing address
  • Validationand Normalization between customer’s address book on admin and Store’s addressin the Setup Wizard
  • Useris now able to fill in any address on the Store’s address page
  • Addressin the drop down and pre-populated address now match on the Checkout page
  • Dateproduct type property is now visible on the Product Details Page”

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