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Hotcakes Commerce 2.0 Makes Any Store Owner a Data Scientist

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Hotcakes Commerce, like many companies, was born out of purpose. After years of being frustrated with various other online shopping software solutions, we finally decided to do something about. Like you, we realize nothing is perfect, but we knew then and know now that there was plenty of room for someone to work with online store owners – instead of against them. Hotcakes came to you with that mission… to make e-commerce easier, for everyone. With this announcement, we’re taking that commitment we made to you, and raising it to a whole new level.

Announcing Version 2.0

In an instant, any store owner will now know beyond any doubt how their store is performing, and why. We’ve replaced the old dashboard to help store owners pinpoint information to help them make data-driven decisions immediately – something that was previously only available after hours of manual data aggregation from multiple sources. You will be shown in a visual way how your daily tasks are impacting sales for individual categories, products, and across the site.

One of our founders, Ryan Morgan, sums up why this is so important to us, “We noticed a trend a few years ago when speaking with our clients and prospective clients. They were spending thousands of dollars just trying to figure out what was working or not, and getting nowhere.” We’re pleased to announce that those dollars can now be re-invested into growing your business instead.

Actionable Dashboard & Insightful Analytics

Hotcakes Commerce 2.0 Dashboard

The new dashboard offers a live look into what’s happening in the store at a glance. You won’t need a computer science degree to understand what trends your store has when it comes to mobile versus desktop visitors, cart abandonment rate trends, or if you have a problem with simply getting customers to add products to the cart in the first place. These things are shown in a simple-to-understand way, allowing you to see all of the problems that your store has, and click-through to fix them immediately. All this, without ever having to leave your website.

Product & Category Performance


Each product and category now have their own dashboard too, allowing you to see growing trends at a granular level. This dashboard is refined to tell you how well a product or category is doing, but it also gives you an idea why. You won’t have to guess anymore if your recent product description update is resulting in higher sales, you’ll see it with all of the supporting details.

Built-In World Class Content Management

Hotcakes Commerce Control Panel

All Hotcakes clients have needs that extend beyond the store. A successful company likely needs a blog, news, careers page, press area, and maybe even child brand marketing sites. And we know it doesn’t stop there… Hotcakes empowers customers to do this and more, by delivering a store that also has a fully customizable content management system (CMS) included for the rest of the company to benefit from. If you’re already a customer, you know all-too-well how beautiful it is to have your e-commerce CMS in a single package.

Pricing & Availability

Hotcakes is available as a hosted or on premise solution. Anyone can get started in mere minutes using the cloud-hosted version of Hotcakes for a simply priced $80 per month.

There’s no need to choose a plan, as there is only a single hosted plan available. Ryan Morgan explains the pricing model, “We didn’t want to insult our customers by forcing them to categorize themselves as not being an enterprise yet, or confuse them by forcing them to do complex feature analysis and possibly have to compromise on their needs. Instead, we wanted to make it easy for our clients to grow their online store. All of our clients can benefit from using Hotcakes, for the same price.”

If you want to have Hotcakes on your own servers, you can purchase it through any of the Hotcakes Commerce partners for $4,999 per year.

Those wanting to just “kick the tires,” can start out using the 14-day free trial as well.

If you’re an existing customer, you can upgrade to version 2.0 at any time, but it does require an upgrade fee.  Please contact us as soon as you’re ready. 

Release Notes

If you’re interested in knowing all of the details of this release, please feel free to read our release notes for Hotcakes version 2.0.

Existing Customers

We know you’ll have plenty of questions if you’re already a Hotcakes Commerce client.  Please review our Version 2.0 FAQ’s and let us know if you have any additional questions.

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