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Hotcakes 1.7.0 Brings New Ogone Stacks and Quickbooks Syrup

Hotcakes 1.7.0 is Ready!

We didn't spend as much time whipping up this batch of Hotcakes as we have most of this year.  In fact, this is probably the shortest period of time between releases since January or maybe even 2013.  That doesn't mean that we didn't include more delicious features to help you, your clients, and your/their customers.  Our team has been hard at work on the features below, and more that have yet to be announced.

In this release, we focused on a couple of highly anticipated features in a new Ogone payment method that rounds out our support for Ogone, Quickbooks export, and numerous stability and usability updates.  One of the great things about this release though is that there are very few viewset changes for you to merge (if you're upgrading).

As always, please test your upgrades on a development version of your site first. Be sure to back-up prior to upgrade, and merge any noted viewset changes as desired. We are not responsible for any Hotcakes that get spilled on the floor.

You can always download the latest Hotcakes release and other related downloads from our download page.

Release Highlights

Ogone Payment Methods

  • All Ogone Payment Methods are now supported.Merchants will be able to select which methods that they would like to displayin their store for customers to fulfill payment.

Export to QuickBooks

  • Customers are able to export a list of selectedorders to QuickBooks
  • Customers will see in the export individualtransactions with notes associated to account for sales, discounts, andpromotions.

Add Required Option to Choices

  • Merchants are able to make product choicesrequired so that a customer must interact with the choice before adding theproduct to the cart.

Performance Improvements

  • Modified the performance of the store to handleproducts with sizeable variants


  • 14128 – Ability to safely register a style sheet in a custom view – Designers are now able to register a style sheet to beincluded into the page. The functionality allows designers to safely add customstyle sheets to be included in the store.
  • 13671 – Line Item Free Shipping Action Promotion– Merchants can create promotions that allow for specific line items to qualityfor and receive a shipping discount.
  • 13909 – New Wish List REST API end points –Developers are now able to query for all wish list items also for a specificuser in order to build new views using the wish list feature.
  • 13821 – Sort Promotions – Re-factored thePromotions view to correctly show the order that promotions will be applied to an order (if they qualify)

Bug Fixes

  • 12472 - Store does slow performance when theProduct has 4900 variants
  • 9560 - Handling fails to be charged onno-shipping products
  • 13827 - Membership Product Types cannot beedited
  • 14124 - Enhanced the Admin layout for “PageConfiguration” when advanced URL provider is used.
  • 14125 - Checkout Page Performance
  • 14127 - Catalogs with 30 or more downloadablefiles now show in the drop down list to allow the user to select the existingfile
  • 14316 - Predefined Gift Card Amounts always inUSD
  • 14196 - Product Variants can be created withsame SKU
  • 14436 – Cannot bulk print orders in OrderManagement

Viewset Changes

Viewset changes unfortunately happen with every release as we add new default features, fix bugs, address browser compatibility issues, and so on. As you might imagine, some of these updates are “nice to have” while others are very necessary updates for you too.

In the very least, you should always review the Cart and Checkout updates when there are any. These are two areas that can directly affect how well your store is performing.

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