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Hotcakes 01.10.02 Fixes for Authorize.Net and the Tax Provider

A New Release of Hotcakes is Ready for You!

Some of you may already know that we’re working on something really big for you.  In fact, we’ve been teasing these updates for over a year now.  We still have a week or two before we can talk about those things more openly.  In the meantime, please enjoy this latest release of Hotcakes that we’ve prepared for you.  We had several reports of issues with Authorize.Net and the new tax provider that could cascade issues for you and your customers under the right conditions. 

How to Get Version 01.10.02

With the new website comes some changes.  One of these changes is our distribution model.  If you’re an existing on premise license customer, please create a support request and we’ll supply you the instructions on how to upgrade immediately.  Partners can download this release from the partner portal at any time. 

What’s New?

Those using the international providers with Authorize.Net have helped us to identify that the international providers validate the payment API integration details a bit differently than we all expected.  We’ve made some changes to how this works so you can accept payments to and from any country.  The new tax provider was missing a critical check that could prevent orders from being completed under certain conditions.  This primarily only affected those who aren’t using Avalara’s Avatax, but again, only under certain conditions. 

Full details on the 01.10.02 release notes can be viewed at anytime from our documentation area.

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