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Benefit from the Ultimate Toolbox When You Work with the nvisionative Team

Hotcakes Commerce partner: nvisionative

I’ve known David Poindexter for a long time now.  Ever since I’ve known him, he’s been successfully running nvisionative.  David founded the company over 7 years ago now, and hasn’t looked back since.  The company is located in Mooresville, North Carolina and focuses on a central passion, which is generating ideas that can drive client businesses forward through marketing and technology.  I guess that’s why their client list boasts a world-wide presence, despite being headquartered in Race City, USA.  That’s what some people call Mooresville, due to the number of race teams that call this fine city home.

Music is a big part of David’s life, and that kind of creativity shines through to the work that his team does for their clients.  When David isn’t writing, playing, or producing music, he’s all techie, all of the time.  This is why his team lovingly gave him the title GeekEO, instead of CEO.  He and his team often do team-building types of events, including online gaming, company retreats, and movies.  Well, that is, when they’re not pranking each other.  They’re a tight-knit bunch of mission specialists, and this must be a prime reason that we’ve been partnered with nvisionative for so long.  The cultures and values of both companies are a great match.

David Poindexter, Founder & CEO, nvisionative“Due to our vast experience and skill set, our clients quickly find out we know a lot and can provide great value beyond the project at hand”

David Poindexter
CEO, nvisionative

When it comes to our mutual clients, nvisionative has the approach that we all prefer.  They do everything they can to add value to your project and company in a way that makes them part of your team – a trusted advisor, if you will.  Some of the ways they do this includes helping knock down barriers and throwing common misconceptions out the door.  They help you to know what you don’t know, and avoid the “build it and they will come,” “the store will run itself," and the “build it and leave it” kind of scenarios.  They would much rather help you reach higher levels of success.

While David dreams of one day opening a San Francisco office, he and his team are well-grounded to being focused on using proven and creative methods to solve their clients challenges.  David tells us part of his strategy, “We focus on effective marketing (online and offline).  Mobile user experience seems to be taking over, so special attention is placed there.  Social engagement and personalized content is also a nice touch.”  They also do things like employ user-testing programs to avoid the dreaded diminishing sales or high bounce rates.  The nvisionative toolbox is already full of tools and methods to help you.  The toolbox includes any kind of design, web development, mobile app project, and even IoT (internet of things) to help take your business to the next level.

One of the other tools that David and his team seem excited about is the new reporting capabilities in version 2.0 of Hotcakes.  He was extremely excited, “The new reporting features are just what the doctor ordered!”  On page analysis of products and categories seem to align perfectly with the nvisionative client base.  When it comes to the rest of Hotcakes, David and his team know better than most that every online store is completely unique.  They have been using the extension points thoroughly to ensure that their clients get exactly what they need.

David Poindexter, Founder & CEO, nvisionative“We love the immense flexibility and ability to control every aspect of the end user experience. … having the ability to implement their unique implementation so easily and to not be ‘put in the box’ so to speak is of high value!”

David Poindexter
CEO, nvisionative

In short, David and his team of “nvisionators” are a well-oiled machine that love to deliver user-centered design and successful client experiences.  When you let them put their minds to it, you’ll be amazed at the creativity and results that nvisionative will bring to your table.

By the way, if you’re interested, we’ve interviewed David before.  It’s our first hangout, and we hope to do more.

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