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A short stack of eCommerce Offerings: Hotcakes Commerce Webinar Wrap Up.

Thank you everyone who attended last week’s webinar – we had a great turnout. Hotcakes Commerce founder Ryan Morgan gave an in-depth sneak peek into the features that will be offered on this unique enterprise e-commerce platform. For those of you that weren't able to attend the webinar, here are some highlights:

Customer Experiences: With the end user in mind, Hotcakes designed an easy to use interface that includes faceted search, single page checkout, and responsive design. 

Merchant Experiences: No longer is a merchant tied to the decisions made by developers. Hotcakes allows a fully customizable experience including developmental duties segmentation and functional order administration.   Hotcakes has also developed a native iPhone application that allows merchants to view their dashboard, capture payments, and update order status’ on the go.

Designer Experience: Designers have full control over rendered HTML as well as the ability to redesign implementations based upon data.  

Developer Experience: Developers are able to fully customize workflows and controllers to ensure internal ERP’s are in sync. A Rest API offers developers the ability to everything they can do within the admin. 

Support: Paid support option offers phone, email, and chat communication directly with Hotcakes employees. A community support area of the site will also be available and will include webinars, blogs and other sources of information for free.


For information or question regarding the beta, email [email protected].


For those of you that missed the webinar, you can view it here.

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