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3 Things Store Owners Worry About

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When you own or run a store, it’s nothing short of a stressful responsibility. Believe me, we know your pain better than most people. Our team has been on nearly every side of a store implementation at some point in their career. This is the unique kind of experience that we bring to the table in every release that we cook up for you.

When you’re running your store, there are so many moving parts. No matter how long you’ve been doing it, it can always feel a bit overwhelming. What are sales today? Are they good? What makes those sales spike up or down? Compared to what? How do I do something about that? How can I duplicate the success from Product A to Product B? They’re almost the same thing. Uh oh, now the CEO is asking about it…

These are the kinds of painful questions that we’re committed to answering for you. You saw it first with things like automatically related products and login reminders. We’re constantly thinking up things to make your life easier as a store owner.

Which Products/Categories Are Doing the Best (or Worst)?

Hotcakes Commerce: Product Performance Dashboard

Showing the top X of anything is pretty common. You see that in reporting and dashboards everywhere. It’s a feel-good thing to see your hottest products and how well they’re doing.  Unfortunately, these are known as vanity metrics - they make you feel good, but they're mostly meaningless since they're not actionable. For example, what about those products that aren’t doing so well? Why aren’t they doing well? What did you do or not do to make that happen? Should I create a bundle of products to increase my average deal size?  Did a change I made have an effect either way?

We’re committed to answering these questions for you, not just in some difficult to read table listing or downloadable Excel spreadsheet. No… you’ll very soon see at-a-glance dashboard views for every product and category that will instantly let you know how well it’s doing, what changes resulted in that performance, and suggestions on how to improve those numbers. Once more, they’ll always be at your fingertips – in the back-end and the front-end!

How is My Store REALLY Doing? I Don’t Have the Time to Calculate the Numbers.

Hotcakes Commerce: Store Dashboard

Dashboards are often misunderstood animals. Sure, they can look pretty and they often show some pretty helpful numbers, but are they really that helpful? What good does $125k in sales this week mean if you don’t know why that happened, or if that’s a good or bad comparatively overtime?

Is your store getting overrun by mobile devices? What does your current sales funnel look like? Do you have products or categories that are trending up or down either direction right now? Which products are trending up or down during which steps of the sales funnel?

More on this below…

Why are My Products Being Abandoned, and Where?

Hotcakes Commerce: Sales funnel outliers & abandoned products

This is the golden question… After all, how can you improve your store performance if you don’t know why the performance is trending in either direction? It’s one thing to say that something bad happened, but it’s a world apart to know why and where in the buying cycle that this happened.

We Plan to Change Your Life…

If you can’t easily answer any of those questions, then your store is not performing as well as it could. Running your store shouldn’t be this difficult. You should be able to answer these questions effortlessly, in a dashboard view that any normal human can understand. We’re bringing this to you very shortly as well.

Our original commitment to you was represented by our core values:

  • Engaging Customer Experience
  • Happy Designers
  • Productive Developers
  • Exceptional Merchant Experience

These core values pretty much sum up what we strive to do in all areas of our business – provide highly effective solutions that benefit everyone involved with your store – not just one or two departments.

We’re taking this a step further… Our commitment to you is to make e-commerce easier for everyone. e-Commerce shouldn’t be some highly technical chore that only certain people in the company can understand and contribute to. Simply put, our commitment to you is this…

  • E-Commerce for Everyone.

Just wait until you get your hands on our upcoming features…you’ll never look back.

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