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Probably not anyone's job to write the query for me, but not being that guy, is there an easy SQL query I can run to make all the products in the store searchable. We imported 100's from the Old Smith Cart and they all came in or most as not searchable.

Thanks for any help.
Will Strohl
There's currently not a way to do this for more than one product at a time using the UI, but there's an Issue created to change that in the future.


Until then, you'll need to do this using a query, as you suggest. An example query is below, but it hasn't been tested to verify if it will work in your environment, so please make sure you back up your database before you try it. It has been tested against a clean instance of Hotcakes 03.01.00.

UPDATE [dbo].[hcc_Product] SET [IsSearchable] = 1;

If you're running the query in the built-in SQL query tool, the query below will be better.

UPDATE {databaseOwner}[{objectQualifier}hcc_Product] SET [IsSearchable] = 1;

Once you run the query, you'll likely need to clear the cache on the website. You can do that using the documentation below.


On a side note, questions like this are fully supported for anyone subscribed to our Developer Support Services plan.

Will Strohl, Upendo Ventures
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